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Embracing the VenaSeal™ Vein Closure System

The VenaSeal vein closure system marks the latest innovation in Long Island’s varicose vein removal landscape. A non-thermal, non-sclerosant technique, VenaSeal employs a unique adhesive to seal off the patient’s problematic vein, effectively treating the symptoms of venous reflux disease.

Varicose Vein Removal

Delving into the Procedure

The intricate procedure begins with a physician preparing a syringe filled with a medical adhesive. This syringe is then fitted into a dispenser gun linked to a slender catheter. The ultrasound machine oversees the catheter’s insertion and navigation within the abnormal vein. As the physician activates specific trigger points, the adhesive is systematically released, adhering to the vein’s internal walls.

Unique Adhesive Formula

The VenaSeal system’s adhesive is a special concoction, crafted exclusively to address lower leg vein irregularities. Besides sealing the vein, the adhesive also employs thermal energy, ensuring a lasting seal and optimal results.

Advantages of VenaSeal™

A significant benefit of the VenaSeal treatment is its non-reliance on multiple injections or local anesthetics. Post-procedure, patients can promptly resume their day-to-day activities. Moreover, there’s often no need for compression stockings post-treatment, enhancing patient convenience.

Why Choose VenaSeal™ at Long Island?

For those keen on efficient varicose vein removal and immediate return to regular routines, VenaSeal is an ideal choice. It merges effectiveness with rapid recovery, ensuring the best outcomes for every patient. Queries about the treatment? Reach out to the Long Island Varicose Vein Center today.

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