Endolaser Vein Therapy Is The Answer To All Your Vein Problems

Varicose Vein Removal

Varicose veins are far more than a cosmetic issue for many patients. They can occasionally cause pain and other forms of distress. Luckily, physicians can treat them using a range of non-surgical techniques. Endolaser vein therapy is one of these treatments.

Every patient arriving at Varicose Vein Center in Long Island, NY, receives high-quality endolaser vein therapy. When you receive varicose veins treatment at Varicose Vein Center, you will get experienced doctors, cost-effective service, a clean environment, quick diagnosis, and much more.

We use cutting-edge technology to provide laser vein treatment that gives patients immediate pain relief. Our trained staff ensures timely post-operative care, pain-free exit, and numerous other benefits. The treatment cost varies depending on the size and area of the varicose veins. We offer treatment at a reasonable price.

What Is Endolaser Vein Therapy?

This is a varicose veins treatment procedure done in the office under local anesthesia. It is typically used to treat abnormal veins beneath the skin that are considered to be the source of visible changes and symptoms.

Laser energy can be released inside the vein and the targeted vein segment can be closed through a small needle puncture entry on the leg. The treated vein is absorbed by the body and eventually disappears. Following the procedure, the patient is given a compression hose and sent for a walk.

Endolaser vein therapy is a minimally invasive procedure and treatment option for surgical saphenous vein stripping. Patients can walk instantly after the procedure, and most people can return to work the following day. It employs high-tech laser and ultrasound technology to close the central vein from inside out.

How Does Endolaser Vein Therapy Work?

During endolaser vein therapy, a skinny laser fiber is used to raise the temperature of the vein, causing the vein walls to collapse gradually. The blood will naturally flow through the body’s healthier veins. The damaged vein is subsumed within the body during the weeks following treatment until it completely disappears.

A ‘leg marking’ procedure will be performed during the treatment at our Varicose Vein Center. The affected vein and essential areas are drawn onto the skin using ultrasound visualization, creating a map to guide during the procedure.

The patient is on the table in a sterile environment, while the doctor cleans and prepares the affected area for the laser procedure. Under color duplex ultrasound guidance, local anesthesia is administered, and a minute laser fiber is inserted directly into the vein via a catheter (tiny tube).

Laser energy pulses are released along its length to seal the vein completely. After the laser has filled the vein, the fiber is removed, and the area is closed with a steri-strip or a stitch.

Patients who require a mini phlebectomy for smaller vein branches will get the procedure completed at the same time. After the procedure, the leg is wrapped in elastic bandages. 

After reviewing post-operative instructions with the patient, you can walk out of the treatment center and you can immediately resume your daily routine without any pain medication.

Is Endolaser Vein Therapy A Good Option For You?

Endolaser vein therapy takes about an hour, and most patients can return to normal activities immediately without being admitted to the hospital. Our vein removal specialists usually recommend that patients wear compression socks during the recovery process after an endolaser vein therapy procedure is completed to aid natural blood circulation.

This laser vein treatment reduces the likelihood of bruising or swelling following the procedure. The following week, the doctor will typically perform an ultrasound to ensure no clots have formed in the treated veins.
If you are considering varicose vein treatment, you should think about Endolaser Vein Therapy. You can speak with our vein removal specialists to learn more about your treatment options and deciding which one is suitable as per your needs.

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